Hello, I'm Isabela, front end software engineer
based in Brazil.

With over 15 years of professional experience, I have dedicated myself to development projects and served
as a programmer for the past 3 years.
ReactNextJSTypeScriptJavaScriptRest and GraphQL API fetchingGit / GithubTailwind CSSAnd more!

Latest projets

Discover 2023 by Rocketseat

Discover is a complimentary course provided by Rocketseat, specifically designed for beginners. Throughout the development of the Discover journey on the Rocketseat platform, we have extensively utilized resources from the React ecosystem. Some of these key elements include: Next.JS, Rocketseat own design system, Axios, Radix, React Hook Forms, React Icons, Date FNS, Yup and more!


Joyous by SBDS

Joyous app is focused on simplifying and improving communication between partners. To bring this vision to life, the project was meticulously developed using a wide array of resources from the React Native ecosystem. Some of the key technologies and libraries employed in the creation of Joyous app include React Navite, React Navigation, Axios, Styled Components, React Hook Forms and many other resources.


Events platform by Rocketseat

The Events module on the Rocketseat platform serves as a comprehensive hub for gathering data on past and upcoming events. Additionally, it offers an immersive experience for users to follow events online within the logged-in section of the application. To deliver this seamless experience, the Events module has been developed using a variety of cutting-edge resources and technologies. Some of the prominent examples include Next.JS, React Icons, Date FNS, Hygraph etc.


Techs and tools

Many techs and tools are part of my job as a developer and bellow there are some of them.