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Isabela Moreira

Senior frontend engineer and mechanical keyboard lover in Seattle creating experiences with code and design

Current ⌨ Mysterium with KAT Milkshake

Jul 2021

Mentor in Microsoft LEAP program

Mentor apprentice in LEAP program as they learn technical skills to transition into a software development career

Dec 2020

Joined Microsoft

So nice, I was hired twice 😊 I lead a team of awesome frontend engineers building Bing At Work, Microsoft's enterprise search.

Oct 2020

Left CedarAI

After a growing my knowledge in design and leading a frontend team, I decided to move back to a large company where I could narrow my scope of work and direct my full attention to frontend and leading a great team.

Feb 2020

Spoke at ct'webdev

Jan 2020

Mentored at Global Diversity CFP Date Seattle

Led small breakout sessions covering coming up with talk topics, writing CFPs, and addressing inclusion within the conference and speaker community. Spoke in a panel about my experience becoming a speaker.

Nov 2019

Spoke at CascadiaJS

Presented "Creative Coding: Making Reusable SVGs with React" to over 800 attendees, with slides and code.

Oct 2019

Spoke at NordicJS

Presented "Localization: Implementing and Testing... Locally" to over 1200 attendees, with slides and recording.

Oct 2019

Spoke at Chicago JSCamp

Presented "The Startup's Guide to Creating a Design System" to over 150 attendees, with slides and recording.

Jul 2019

Spoke at cKeys Seattle Keyboard Meetup

Presented "Anatomy of a Mechanical Keyboard" to over 300 attendees, with slides.

Jul 2019

Joined CedarAI

As senior UX engineer, I'm responsible for creating and maintaining the products' design systems, engaging with customers on-site, and coding frontend features.

May 2019

Left Microsoft

After nearly three years at Microsoft, it was time to try something new! Before starting my new role, I took some time off to travel the world.

Mar 2019

Spoke at Seattle ReactJS Meetup

Presented "A/B Testing in React" to 140 attendees, with slides, recording, and code.

Mar 2019

Spoke & mentored at KnightHacks

Represented Microsoft, presented "Azure Functions & Cognitive Services", and helped hackers with technical questions during the hackathon.

Jan 2019

Spoke at Seattle Web App Developers Group Meetup

Presented "A/B Testing in React" to 80 attendees, with slides, recording, and code.

Jan 2019

Mentored at Hack//WA

Represented Microsoft and helped hackers with technical questions during the hackathon.

Sep 2018

Mentored at ShellHacks

Gave various workshops, including "Static Website Deployment in Azure" and "Demystifying the Tech Interview".

Jul 2018

Spoke at Seattle Keyboard Meetup

Jan 2018

Started Masters Program

Pursuing my Masters in Human Computer Interaction at Iowa State University while working full time.

Aug 2016

Joined Microsoft

Fresh out of college, I started on the Microsoft Edge team. Currently a Software Engineer 2, I work closely with designers and PMs to take a feature idea through ideation, mockups, user studies, and development.

May 2016

Graduated from University of Central Florida

Graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science.

May 2015

Interned at Salesforce

Built fit-and-finish UI and decided backend work was not for me.

Jan 2015

Joined SavvySuit

First (and only) frontend developer at Orlando legal startup. Part of Starter Studio's fourth accelerator class. Created mockups, ran user studies, developed client-side Chrome app.

May 2014

Interned at Google

Developed campaign stats UI for Google AdWords Android app.

Jan 2013

Joined UCF programming team

First all-women programming team and placed third in the senior division at my first competition.